Hair Loss is a condition that affects more than 60% of women and 85% of men at some time in their lives.

In response, Dr. David Kingsley PhD, developed a 3-step program for healthy hair growth. From his over thirty years experience and his research and publications on the subject of hair loss, this 3-step program is based on the hair-loss treatments practiced at Dr. Kingsley’s trichology centers.


British Science Formulations® by Dr. David Kingsley is a comprehensive at-home treatment program that has been scientifically formulated by Dr. Kingsley for healthy hair growth by providing important nutriments and natural scalp stimulants which help support the availability of important nutrients in the hair follicle.


“While I originally developed the British Science Formulations®
3-Step Program for use within my trichology clinics, I wanted to find a way
to make the system available to all those suffering from hair loss.”


─ Dr. David Kingsley